“Neller has the sort of charisma given only to few conductors. […] the Widmann was a riot, despatched with crisp panache, and Ne​ller has a sense of humour. Best of all was the Mahler. This was taken at a genuine Adagio and fully sustained. It was truly impressive with that rare sense of time suspended. […] the Mahler was profoundly impressive. Neller clearly commands the grand manner of some older maestros and he can also get playing of real inwardness and spirituality.”


Douglas Cooksey



“Sergey Neller leads the excellently established opera orchestra through the two-hour performance from the first bar to the last note with precise, no-frills conducting, producing nightmarish, never-ending intensity that ideally accompanies the action on stage.”


Das Opernglas

“The young Sergey Neller pushes the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra to peak performance. […] An excellent craftsman who shines with superior understanding and yet shows a modesty. He has done something very beautiful!”

“The Prague performance was anchored firmly in the music. Shchedrin’s score is dramatic, emphatically theatrical, but containing a clearly-discernible internal logic. Neller unveils it all with accuracy and subtlety. He weaves the threads of the mounting uncertainty of the first part – and hits home powerfully with the heavy emotion in the second. Up to the very end, the musical fabric burns and scratches. Neller works hard in shaping an orchestra that is not always ready to be disciplined, and provides total leadership for the choir and soloists.”


Music Life Magazine

“Neller is clearly a remarkably talented artist. He never broke a sweat or seemed overburdened in the slightest with his dual role of featured soloist and conductor. He both played and conducted entirely from memory, with wit and delight, earnest and utterly lost in the moment.”


Timothy Tuller

The Florida Times-Union

“Still, much of the credit for the eveningʼs success lay in the pit, where Russian-born German conductor Sergey Neller did a brilliant job drawing every note and nuance from the State Opera Orchestra.”

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